picture of chloe

Hello there! My name is Chloe Burcell, and I am a junior at freestyle academy. I am from Los Altos High School, where I am a member of Broken Box Theater Company! I am really interested in theater and film. I’ve performed in over 20 shows, and had a role in a film freshman year! I also have had the wonderful opportunity to direct a play last winter at MVCPA, and I’ve been working in tech for theater for several years now. I also had the opportunity to do a show with San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater last fall, where I wrote five short plays and performed in eight.

This summer I took the Womxn and Film class at UCLA, and started a youtube channel, (chloebee), which I upload weekly on. I love sewing and turning old clothes into something new and cool! I highly encourage people to do this- it’s great for the environment. Another thing I enjoy is zines/collages with my friends. I have a whole collage wall of things I have made with my close friends. I love it so much that my friends and I started a zine club! I am the vice president of the club as well as school’s improv club!

What I value most about being a Freestyle student is that I am learning things that are both outside the typical high school curriculum, but also feed my biggest passions. This means that I’m not just learning facts for the point of taking a test or for doing a project- I am learning the skills that I need to succeed in the future.

Junior Year Reflection

Over this past year, I have grown so much in confidence about my abilities to create art and learn independently. I think that it is such a good thing that I decided to stick with Freestyle, because I have partaken in so many fun and interesting projects, and I have learned so many valuable new skills. I think it’s important that I learn how to use as many media and technology platforms as possible, because then I will be able to do and create more things in the future. Most importantly, I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to strengthen my independence in learning in and out of the classroom, and to do hands on projects.