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This winter at Freestyle Academy as a Junior we had the Narrative Unit. In this unit we started in English by writing a flash fiction of less than 200 words which we turned into a comic later. Then In Design class we turned the comic into an Illustration board. In Design we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and with that knowledge we made out Illustration boards digitally. In Web Audio we used our comics to create an Animatic using Adobe Flash. Then we used Flash again to create a short Animated Movie. Finally in Web we created this website. On this website you can see all the work I have done in this unit. If you click on story button you will see the flash fiction. The Animatic button will take you to my animatic, the Animation to the animation and the Illustrations to the Illustration board. Lastly the Projects button will take you back to the original website that includes links to all of my projects here at Freestyle. This project taught me a lot about myself even though I'm not the best artist I learned that I still can accomplish a lot of creative things in art. It also taught me a lot about time management and the importance of staying on task. I hope you enjoy my website.

Bellow is my original idea for this webiste, I changed a lot but I hope you still enjoy.

Website Prototype


Here are some application that I learned how to use this unit.

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