Dana Huch

I am holding a collage card I made

My name is Dana! I love to cook, write letters, go to the beach, read, take photos, and watch movies. My current favorite medium for creating art is printmaking. Some artists that inspire me include Yoko Ono (for her perception-challenging multimedia projects), Shayna Klee (for her childlike whimsy), Chloe Horseman (for her innovative photographic framings), Wes Anderson (for his book-like movies and beautiful colors), and Henri Matisse (especially for his cut-out pieces). I also find much artistic inspiration in nature, movies, my friends, and my dreams. Being a Freestyle Academy student is exciting because I have the opportunity to explore subject matter I am drawn to creatively as well as new media to express myself and create art with!

Through my Junior year at Freestyle academy, my greatest growth as an artist has come from expanding into digital creation. Before my Freestyle experience, I had only worked in traditional media and I was intimidated by Adobe applications. I didn’t realize how limiting this was. I have come to love Adobe Illustrator and other applications that allow me to translate my paper doodled ideas into something that can be shared online or turned into a physical product. I feel that I am moving forward from this year with amazing artistic opportunities and fewer bounds for my art.