David Palacios

And My Freestyle Journey

David Palacios

Photo Blogs

At Freestyle, we had small photo challenges given to us to practice the use of a camera.  

Exploration Project

In design class, we were given a small end-of-year project to display skills we learned throughout the year.

Narrative Creature

In this project, we learned how to use illustrator. We created a creature that fit our story that we created in English to practice using illustrator

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About Me

Hello, my name is David Palacios, and an alumnus of Freestyle Academy. Since I can remember, I always wanted to explore my creative self, but couldn’t with all the barriers regular school gives. I am super grateful for what Freestyle Academy has brought into my life, a creative outlet where I can express my creative self. Although I’m still not the best at design, I hope that throughout this adventure, I will grow to a point that I could never imagine, and I hope to share that with you through this website.