In the conceptual project, we are asked to explore unconventional forms of expression. We developed our communication skills through learning a multitude of programs and profesional equipment. Challenged to express our opinions through poetry, art, animation, and web production, we learn to use many different mediums.

This unit educated me on many computer programs I will need in a profesional context and has broadened my knowledge of photography, music production, and photo manipulation. The exploration of poetry was very interesting as well.


Our poetry unit allowed us to explore both a visual and an auditory use of language. We interpreted an art piece from the SF Moma in an ekphrastic poem, as well as exploring a concept statement of our choosing in a free verse poem. We also displayed our poems through images.

Photoshop Ekphrastic Poem Image
Pro Tools Poem Audio Editing

I really enjoyed writing my free verse poem this unit. The freedom that we were allowed when writing was very interesting. Learning how to use Pro Tools and Photoshop was an incredibly educational experience and I feel like I gained many skills that will be important in my professional career.

Haiku Project

One of our very first assignments in English was to write a Haiku based on a concept statement we were assigned at random. My concept statement was “Exploring the feeling of relief through the experience of meditation.” We were also tasked with taking a photo that we felt corrosponded with our haiku. In Digital Media we were asked to create a video that encorporated our photo, text, and an audio file of us reciting our haikus.

Haiku Photo

I really enjoyed the simplicity of the Haiku Project. We had a very simple and short poem to begin with and from there we expanded on it. We learned how to use many new digital tools in the process of creating content related to our poems.

Premeire Pro Haiku Poem Video Interface

Elements and Principles of Art

We were asked to create a presentation that gives examples of the numerous principles and elements of art. We drew images from Modern art, Traditional art, and Photography.


In animation we mostly explored the handrawn aspect of moving pictures. We created a Flip-book, a Zoetrope, a Phenakistoscope, and a pair of Direct Technique Shorts. Throughout these projects we implemented basic principles of animation. We also were required to participate in Inktober, a challenge to draw everyday of October with ink of some kind.

Phenakistoscope Project

This was our very first project that we worked on in animation, a wheel of images that create a loop of motion. This technique dates back to over a century ago and was used for entertainment.

Zoetrope Project

This project was the second that we worked on. This was a very similar process in creation to the phenakistoscope project. The contraption that “animates” our projects so to speak is a cylinder on a turning platform.

This is the Junior Animation Class of 2021 Exquisite Corpse Project. Both Animation classes worked on it. We were each assigned a certain number of frames that we were to animate whatever we wanted and then we wove all of our portions together to create a fully formed animated project.

In the Direct Techniques Project we were asked to pick two techniques to create a sixty or more frame animation. I picked paper cutouts and graphite to animate. This was the first time we used Dragon Frame, our animating program, to complete a project.