Digital Media


We worked on a mandala project, we started from differently divided models. The model below is a divison of 10.

Colored mandala.

Black and white mandala

This is a timelapse of the creation of my black and white mandala.

 I really liked creating my mandalas. It was a relaxing process and sort of reminded me of a coloring book. I think that this was a great assignment to ease back into the year with. It allowed me to use my drawing tablet and served as a good refresher for how Illustrator works.

 Throughout creating my mandalas I discovered a few things. I found that I preferred brushed with a hard edge. I also ended up really liking a cohesive color palette and lots of detail in my mandala.

This I Believe Video

After writing my This I Believe Essay, found in the English section I recorded my essay and added visuals to produce a video.

Photoshop Art

This unit was all about learning how to use photoshop more proficiently as a painting and photo editing tool. We learned painting techniques and different ways to manipulate photos.

Photoshop Painting

We worked on two different types of painting techniques, pastel and watercolor. Below are my practice peices

practice pastel painting
practice watercolor painting

This is my final painting in photoshop, I chose vibrant colors and a textured subject to capture.

Pink Flamingos

I really enjoyed creating this piece, I have painted digitally before on my iPad but this was my first time using photoshop. I learned a lot about how to use keyboard shortcuts and what the best brushes were for what I needed. I liked playing with the opacity and layer styles to create different effects in my piece. In the future I would like to branch out in terms of my color palette.

Photo Conversions

We worked on photo editing and manipulation in this section. Color filters, cutting images together, and texturing is all included.