Introduction and Reflection

My documentary is a profile on Tara Ganguly, who has been my family’s nanny for the last four years and been one of my most significant adult role models transitioning into high school.

My vision for my documentary project began with my interest in child phycology, specifically how our adolescence affects us later on down the line in adulthood. However as I progressed with my project I decided to shift my focus to a profile focusing more on Tara. She is an example of how our adolescence influences adulthood but also of how intentional growth can make a massive difference in what kind of adults we become.

I learned so much throughout the process of creating my documentary both from my research and interviewees. One of the most interesting parts of the process was listening to Tara go through a lot of her past in detail, she has always been very open about her life so I had a general idea, but going through her life in detail was both interesting on a personal level and incredibly helpful in helping my connect outside research into the final product. I spent a lot of my time during this process looking at research on how childhood impacts adulthood. The field of child psychology is fairly dense with many subcategories so looking for such a specific topic was a valuable experience in digging for specific information.

Process and Production

This is my final production of the Documentary Project. Check it out!
I exported each scene to a folder and then uploaded the footage onto a computer to edit together.
I animated all of the scenes on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
After animating all of the clips I imported the clips and interview audio into After Effects to put my final production together.
I ended up with just over 100 clips of audio and animation in my final product.

Documentary Paper

I researched and wrote a paper to go along with my animated documentary. This paper tells the story of Tara’s growth and incorporates research from diverse sources. My paper overviews Tara’s childhood and adolescence and how she chose to heal from her trauma in her adulthood.

Interviewee Bios

Gloria Copeland

Gloria is ten years old and is currently in fourth grade. She takes hip hop dance lessons and is an aspiring actor. She is a lively and bright person with heaps of energy. She also loves to bake, make crazy collages and listen to pop music.

Tara Ganguly

Tara is a silly and passionate person. She loves kids and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s of Liberal Arts so that she become an elementary or middle school teacher. She is passionate about feminism and racial justice and strives to educate herself on important current events. In her free time Tara enjoys crafts, interior design, spending time with her dogs, and playing roller coaster tycoon.