Personal Projects

Though my concentration in Freestyle is in animation, most of my personal work is purely illustrative. I enjoy watercolor, gouache, alcohol markers, and digital art.


I draw my family in my free time quite a lot. I draw for birthdays, special occasions and gifts.

This was for my dad’s birthday. This is me and my dad.
This was a mother’s day gift, I drew myself and my siblings

Society6 Store

I set up my first shop on Society6 this summer during shelter in place. Below are some of the designs I’ve created for the store.

Youth and Government Silicon Valley Coalition
Purple Unicorn

Practicing Different Techniques

I like to explore a wide range of mediums and techniques when I create. This ranges from digital and traditional mediums to sewing.

Here is an example of my digital painting skills.
Color coordinated character design
I used alcohol markers for this illustration, allowing me to layer and blend the colors effectively.