About Me

Emma Tei

Welcome to my page! My name is Emma Tei, and in 2019-2021, I was a Junior and a Senior at Freestyle Academy as an animation major. Since I came from Japan, I grew up watching many animation films, such as the famous Studio Ghibli production movies. I am passionate about studying Art History and cultural assets of Art, and I also love to produce artworks and animation works. Many of the works that I produced during my time at Freestyle Academy involves the ocean, Japanese art, and other influences that I am impassioned by. In the future, my goal is to study further about Art History and get involved in curatorial works and art cultural preservation.

My experiences at Freestyle Academy involved process of rediscovering myself, in terms of what I am confident at, what I lack of, and what I am truly interested to do in the future. Freestyle Academy differed greatly from my other general education classes that I took, because the Freestyle community provided me a space and an opportunity to experiment with things that I am most passionate about. As an artist, it provided me experiences that will be essential for my future career.