Francesca Seni
Francesca Seni

Hi! Welcome to my website. Here you will find easy access to all of the Freestyle projects I've created. In my two amazing years of Freestyle I participated in following classes: Digital Media, Design, English III H, and English IIII H. I've been so incredibly lucky to be a part of this academy and am quite proud of what I've been able to accomplish thanks to this opportunity. Freestyle has allowed me to showcase my creativity in a variety of mediums, examples of which you can access below.

The Conceptual Project's purpose was to introduce new students into a different way of thinking. Conceptual art relies heavily on metaphors which can be interpreted in countless different ways. Everyone will interpret something differently, so the goal of of conceptual art is not necessarily to convey one idea, but to make the viewer feel something. Even so, the artist will have an idea in mind which requires a lot of depth and definition. In all of our classes we were given the task to truly think outside the box. We had to get away from literal interpretations and cliches and find meaning in symbols that spoke to us.
This is a link to my website for the conceptual project.
The Narrative unit was a further exploration in the skills used taught during the Conceptual unit. In English, we were required to write a Flash Fiction story using several literary devices. From there, we developed images and music in Design and Digital Media to accompany the story.
This is a link to my website for the narrative project.
For the Documentary Project, we were challenged to find something important to us to document and research. We chose their own Documentary topic and the goal was to integrate work done in all of our classes to create various productions around their chosen Documentary topic.
This is a link to my website for the documentary project.
In our last part of the junior year, we worked on various Explorations Projects.The exporations project served as an opportunity for students to branch out into unknown fields of media or further into one in particular. The one caveat of the project was that whatever we chose to pursue had to be categorized into one of Freestyle’s many 21st Century Skills.
This is a link to my website for the explorations project.