About Me

Close up portrait of me outside

Greetings and salutations,

To all who have stumbled into the wonderful world of Izzy, allow me to introduce myself...

My overall vibe consists of a mixture of grunge alternative/rock, and a hippy artist kind of deal. Meditating while trying to listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers is an art form that I will one day master. I have grown up in art, music, and what I consider good writing. While in Freestyle Academy and in life I hope to bring creativity and new ideas that are both beautiful to the eyes, and convey a message to the mind.

Most of my inspiration when making art or doing projects is from comic books, sci-fi or other artists/writers. One artist I find inspiring in Banksy. He and his team were able to create such deep meaningful pieces yet they were simple enough so all people who were looking at it could understand the meaning. Being able to create something that creates thought is something I really look forward to improving in the future.

Throughout these next two years at Freestyle Academy, I hope to grow in my artistic talent, perspectives, work ethic, and of course enjoy the new experiences. So far it has been immensely fun and also is making me work hard for something I enjoy doing. I am looking forward to future struggles and accomplishment, and I hope you are excited to see my growth in the future:)

Until then, “Good Morning! Oh, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night” (Truman Show).

For Junior year, if I had to pick a word for it, I think it would be “complicated”. If I think about it enough, I remember from this year many categories of emotions and experiences I went through. I was able to start a new school (Freestyle) which introduced me to people who I had never met before then, and grown in skill and most definitely patience. Within school I met new teachers in both Freestyle and Mountain View, as well as got to be in classes of previous teachers too. I would like to say I have a relatively good relationship with all of them. With Junior year, I made closer connections with some of my friends from before this year as well. And honestly I can’t really grasp a time when we weren’t as close as we are now. I had an incredible season of water polo too. We were not exactly the best team in the league but I felt like when it came to our team dynamic and training it was awesome. Also I got pretty ripped which was a great bonus. I can think of a lot of times in which I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. But I also know for a lot of the year there was also struggle. I have issues with anxiety, and a few other mental health issues I am not going to mention. And some situations I was put in, due to family or friends made me struggle hard mentally. This was the year that I have had to reach out the most for help by doctors, therapists, and teachers. It was difficult to have to ask for help too. I had to open up a lot this year which is something I don’t do either and it also was uncomfortable at first, but eventually it helped me work on myself for the better. Through this year I have done so many beautiful things, but I have also faced mental health struggles, injuries, and the loss of a friend. Although I have grown greatly through this year, and I hope to keep pushing myself to grow. I am glad this year is over, and I hope next year will maybe have a few more ups and less drastic downs. Overall, I am proud of the person who I have become through this year. I hope to become even better next year.