About Me

Jina Hwang

Hello, welcome to my page! My name is Jina Hwang, and I am a student at Freestyle Academy taking Digital Media, Design, and English. I wanted to join Freestyle because I heard it was a great program for students who had a passion for art and wanted to broaden their artistic skill and talent. Although I did take visual art classes at Mountain View High School, I wanted to go even further and more in-depth with my creative learning, so I joined Freestyle! With the short time I have been here, things I already really value are the vast array of topics we cover, from learning how to use a camera to learning about conceptual art and Adobe’s programs. I also really appreciate how small this program is because I can really grow personal connections with my teachers and students.

After spending this past year at Freestyle Academy, I have really been able to see my own growth as an artist through the new tools and skills I have learned between all three of my freestyle classes! While it hasn’t been smooth sailing the entire time, even the hiccups taught are valuable lessons. I actually often learned about the new applications we were using, such as Pro Tools and After Effects, better when I had to figure out why something wasn’t working. It has been really amazing to see everything that I am now capable of doing, whether it’s making my own music and beats, making videos, writing essays and artist statements, and even creating my own graphic designs and advertisements through Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign! Even though I feel I have already learned so much, I know that next year we will be able to go more in depth and get exposed to even more materials and resources which I cannot wait to explore!

Korean Reunification Design
My Neighbor Totoro Poster