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Welcome to my Page! My name is Josh Gefken and I’m so excited to share my passion with you. For the past 13 years, I’ve been following my dreams to be an actor and filmmaker. As an actor, I have accomplished some pretty impressive things. I have worked on over 100 productions within the 13 years I have been performing. The majority being acting but within the last 5 years, I have started to spread my branches and explore the behind the scenes aspects of theater. In 2020 my original play got produce by Theater Works titled “My Mother’s a What?” Also, in 2015 I got the chance to broaden my skills when I got cast in a movie. In the future, my hope is to continue to work in the industry. My main goal is to be a screen actor but I will take any opportunity that comes my way.

When I first herd about Freestyle Academy a few years ago I was instantly drawn to the program. Being a Freestyle student allows me to be creative and produce products that I’m proud of. Once again thank you for coming to my page and I hope you enjoy my work.

This past year I have learned so much about digital art, english, and film. My junior year has been very different but, I am happy with how it played out. Even though I was on Zoom the whole time I still had somewhat of the same experience in Freestyle as my peers. So far my favorite unit we have done is the documentary. I am really proud of my film and I am excited to share my profile article and 6 page article with others. Next year I am continuing Freestyle as a film student and I am looking forward to further develop my skills in the creative arts field.