The Documentary Unit

How do you creatively and truthfully portray a significant person, group, place, idea, or issue in the community?



For the documentary, I chose to research on how art effects children developmentally, and how a local arts school called the Community School of Music and Arts, or CSMA, gives children the chance to do art where the public school system fails them. The project emphasized narrative-style journalism. I valued getting to learn to communicate with many kinds of people to get interviews and photographs to do the project.


The Book: Creating Art

I wrote a book on the CSMA and used skills learned in English for the text and skills learned in Design to design the pages and photograph the children at the CSMA. I had to be able to make the 12 page manuscript into a cohesive narrative book through design. I had to learn to photograph people and also interview people. I also valued being able to learn InDesign. While there was a steep learning curve, it made a product I am proud of.

Full PDF of the Book

The Animation:

In animation, we were tasked with creating an animation that is 1-2 minutes long which illustrates our documentary topic. I chose to 2D animate for this project, and chose a more childlike crayon style to illustrate that it is a kid’s art school. I tried to make the music using looping clips from the Freestyle database. I also made it on a paper texture using overlay layers in Animate.