Hello my name is Karen Ann and welcome to my Narrative 2 website. In this website you would explore different fields of nature and in each of you would see what I have done in each class. Let’s start with English just click the leaf above to go to it. English is where everything starts to form while the other classes makes it more alive and interesting.

I would like to give a shout out to Marwan Nassar for helping me make my music. With making the instrusmental the background music of my song. I would be singing the song called "Who I Am" by Natasha Bedingfield. Making this music is my first time sing on my own tone and speed. I even added a reverb for the first so I really hope that you enjoy the music.

Also if you can't see any of the pictures in the Intro just refresh your browser. Thank you.

The purpose of this project is to write a dialogue driven story. From English and it would then be taken to Design where we use all sorts of mediums to create the story more than just text. For example in Design class you would see the Book Jacket and my Surrealism down below. To give an expression of a real published booked and the feeling of how the characters felt in the story. That would be put together in Web. Web is also where the book trailer is going to be. To hook more audience to look at my newest book. There is more to explore in my website so come and check it out.

It’s just a shame that this is the last project that the whole student at Freestyle would have in common and we lost some people along the way but it doesn’t stop us from reaching our goals and being the best that we can be. I really worked my hardest into making this website and overall I learn that being able to make something simple and have a strong central focus is better and more effective than any other ways of art.

My first draft.
My final draft
My final draft
My responsive phone design

Web & Audio

As you have seen in my intro I have a photo of 2 website drafts. One is called final because that was my final draft idea on what my website would look like. And the second one is a responsive website is a site that is designed to have different look or feel on smaller screens so the content on the big computer screen can fit to the small one. We have design three screens. One is for the main big screen, then a medium like an ipad screen which is similar to the big computer screens and finally a small screen like a mobile devices. The smaller screens was a separate p7 styles for each medium and small screens. Due to the time I didn’t get to do one and you have to horizontal scroll to see the pictures of the whole content. Which is my bad I very sorry for the inconveniences. The draft is based on simple design and theme the four elements of earth also known as nature. They are background which focuses more on the content. While making the site beautiful. The goals for this assignment is to make a book trailer that attracts the audience to be interested in the book. With quotes, music, and by showing book itself. It is a way to advertise the product and selling it.

This is my book trailer Protype
Click the image to view a sample of a Book Trailer

When I first learn about Adobe After Effects I was actually excited because these are just some of the applications that you can use to animate images, characters, and any flat objects such as text to 2D images from 3D images. That helps to avoid the composition to be plain but keeping it interesting that catches the audience's attention. Once composition is ready to be produce it would be exported as a video. I would use these techniques I learned to my book trailer by animating the images you see below. I would make these images in Illustrator. But because of the time I was not able to do make a video. So I hope you would like this substitute instead. Right audio is trailer and Left audio is explaination.Thank you.

This is my book trailer Protoype
This sketch is for the visuals of the book trailer once its done


Design is where is all the action takes places. It is an area that I feel more insecure since it is a place where your creativity flows out the most. But it is my the most profiling and fun class ever. I always do my very best in doing every project. The goals for this project is to make a book jacket and surrealism art. That presents the concept of this book jacket is a showing a summary of my narrative story. About two different kingdoms and it’s children suffering from great loneliness and meeting each other in the magical forest. Capturing the key elements that conveys a message to hook the reader into reading the book. To add on to the book you would also see a surreal art that clearly shows the characters feelings in a different perspective, light, or and plot.

A picture of my book jacket
This is a picture of my book jacket

Meet Destiny, the daughter of Mother Nature and protector of the Magical Forest. She’s independent, but fears being alone forever. Meet Daniel, a child prince searching for someone to play with. He fears not being able to find his own path and becoming the next leader after his brother. Meet Nathan, Daniel’s brother, who is preparing to become King. His fears are leading his subjects blindly, not knowing what is really happening behind the scenes, and failing to govern.

How will they come together and resolve their loneliness?

I made all the art in Adobe Illustrator. The cage and the wire represents Nathan trapped. But with the help and support of the magical forest he changes his perspective. The leaves and the trees in the background indicate the forest, while the main focus is the big tree with the flowers Daniel had planted. Inside the tree lay two silhouettes of Destiny and Daniels interaction. These silhouettes have the same color scheme as the forest to make them blend in while still being visible. The background, on the other hand, has the look of water and the feeling of relaxation. The text is cursive to give that fairytale feel to it. I used Adobe InDesign to make this whole book jacket come to life.

This is my process photo
This is the process of my Book Jacket

My experience of learning and creating my book jacket is so stressful but once it’s done it was well worth it. The reason of why it is so stressful for me is always making things complicated for me to handle or do. That I just need to think simple. Since simple goes a long way. You can make something look complicated to do but actually simple with a few clicks of a button.

This is the process of how did my front cover of the book jacktet
This is the process of how I made the front cover
I always thought that I need to make something that was a lot of details, shadows, and shades. I spend four days trying to make an aspen tree that looks like it’s picture but I realize that I just need the foundation of the picture for my own use and not copy off or even from it. It was a hard challenge but I got over it with this in mind “ need keep it simple.” The end results is the front cover of my jacket on the right side. I hope you enjoy my hard work.

Process of Healing

This is would be my surrealism artwork
Click to view a larger verison

My experience of making the surrealism piece is actually interesting and amazing. Because I get to learn the real value of how depth really works in a composition. You can really see the affected it has on the eyes. Producing this project is hard at first. Since I don't really use Photoshop but once the project is done it maded me so proud even though I didn’t do the project like how the others did but thanks to Rose for helping me. For letting learn how to use the brush tool to make the eyes more clean and have a more blend to the photo. Resulting a real and successful project.



English class is the earth that holds the media classes together. The goals for this assignment were to make a dialog drive story that would provide content for a book jacket, trailer, and even surrealist art. For the background on my website, I put earth on the bottom and burned it and watered it to show the intense climax of the story. In the end the winds pass by the forest, making it survive and become more beautiful than ever. From the hardships we face and the loneliness we feel, the wind can replace the love and happiness that makes us stronger and make us appreciate what we have now and what we went through.

the photo of the Protected Love
A visual metaphor of my story

I hope that you guys enjoy my website and the effect I created.

I answered the question What did you struggle with and how did you overcome those struggles? I overcome those struggles by knowing how to arrange my new and revised story. At first I struggled on how to give a clear detail and understanding that fits this criteria.The only problem is how I’m I going to write it. The process of writing a story without misunderstanding any of the characters by to anyone that reads it? And lastly how would I set story up? Well, it is for you to know and find out. To see the structure of the new story. The process of writing it took me and the inspiration that gives the setting of the story. That came from a tv show called Matanglawin a Filipino science-environmental educational program. Where it talked about nature and how we human beings need it and not the other way around because nature gives trees that we can breath and give oxygen from. The characters on the other hand are hybrids a mixture of me the author and my imagination of the characters role. Leaving it really interesting and have a strong message to learn from.

Protected Love

Once a upon a time in a tale so different from the others comes a story of a dramatic fairytale called Protected Love. It is a story where three lonely characters meet each other in their journey to solve what they lack.

“Do you guys wanted to read it?”


“Oh okay”

There once lived a family in a kingdom far far away ruled by a king with money and power. He wanted his sons to have a happy and healthy childhood like most parents wanted for their children. But he had to consider the thought of who would replace him when he steps down from the throne and more importantly how it would maneuver. Amongst the twins, Ethan was the oldest. He was chosen him to be the next heir to run the kingdom someday. At age 7 he began his training, and his childhood ended. Daniel, the other twin brother was lost and struggling to find the right path for his future.

In the kingdom of Prince Ethan and Daniel Prince were brought into the world oblivious to the world they lived in, their background or even their status. The twins are very handsome and anyone can fall for their nice green eyes and hazel hair that is as soft as silk. Not to mention that their height is 5’11” which makes the girls chase them. Thankfully, they are not normal people, but royalty. They spend most of their time in the palace to protect them from dangers that might linger around the halls surrounding it. Since they were kids, they wanted to experience a normal childhood so they asked their servant what games their children play.

“Hi, can we ask you something?”

“Of course, your highness.”

“Do you have children to show us the games that they play?”

“Yes, I do I but don’t want you guys to get hurt with the game they play.”

“That’s okay because being hurt is a part of being stronger”

The twins looked at each laughed and agreed with what was said.

“Okay then.” said the servant, and called his children.

Then they went outside the house while still inside the palace.

“Hello guys, I am Ethan and this is my twin brother Daniel. What do you guys play?”

There is a long pause between the kids.

“Aren’t you the children of the King?”

“Yes, yes we are. Is there something wrong with that?”

“Not at all it’s just that why are you talking to us?” The servant’s child said shyly.

“Well, we just wanted to know how to be like normal kids.”

“Okay then are you up to the challenge?” the servant’s kid said confidently.

“Now, now fellas this is still a friendly game okay? We don’t want to hurt the princes, right?”

All of them said “Okay.”

“My name is Jack by the way.”

And the start of great memories began.

Every night the three of them would always sleep together have a pillow fights until they tire themselves out. They laughed, shared stories with each other and dreams that they would always be like this forever or at least until they’re adults. But there is something that they forgot to talk about, and it is the most important thing - sharing their fears. You never have to face your fears alone. Years of happy fulfilling memories adds up until the king decides to choose the next ruler of the Kingdom and the happy memories stop and fade away. That was the end of summer vacation and everyone was back to being super busy. Which left Daniel all alone. That was his first and last time being truly happy.

Daniel was all by himself seeing the everyone around him just passing by. He asked Jack and Ethan if they wanted to hang and play but both are too busy with their responsibilities. Sure Daniel goes to the same school as Nathan and drives in the same car as him but their minds and responsibilities are so different now that Daniel wouldn’t even recognize his twin anymore. He felt alone both at school and at home. Daniel isn’t really that social with people so he didn’t have any friends. He is always in a corner by the window listening to music that doesn’t exist or quietly reading a book. His only friend is Jack, the servant’s son, but even he is busy since he is a working student and striving for success. His biggest fear is feeling alone for a very long time, but not just much as taking the role of his brother if something happened to him. He would do the same process as his brother did but more faster so he can catch up. My brother began training for this his whole life and I’m just taking that away from him by being appointed if something went horribly wrong to him. I don’t want that. Because I know fully well that is a lonely job to do. There’s a saying that being at the top is lonely but not only that we’re missing our youth and not being able to communicate to each other is the saddest thing in the world. Then Daniel remember a memory.

All of them said “Okay.”

“My name is Jack by the way.”

So the game we are going to play is hide and go seek.

What game is that?

It is where the player that is tagged or wanted to be start the game is that one that turns around and courts to 20. You have to court slowly until you reach your number. Then you look for other players and tag them.The hide part is where you can hide anywhere so that the tagger wouldn’t see you. And you where you're hiding as long as the tagger wouldn’t see or figure out where you are or when the game is over.

Daniel is one of the hiders and he wondered beyond the grounds of the palace and ended up in the forest still looking for a place to hide. He finds himself inside the forest that looked like a place that no one has ever seen before.


It was greens all round like different types of trees, bushes, and grass. With many different shapes as well. It is as long as the eyes can see. It represented the best of the four seasons we have and combine it all in one. Going there makes fairy tale dreams come true. It has so many different animals, as much as you can imagine. Water as pure, blue, reflective, and clean as you would want to drive in and swim. This forest looks and feels so healthy and magical. It even feeds positive energy all over the place. But the main source of energy is the oak tree in the mid bottom center of the magical forest. The tree is so powerful that it also gives energy for other forests nearby to make nature and the world a better place to live. People that wander in the forest say that it is the most beautiful place they have ever seen, It might even have fairies or mermaids that live there they say. The water is so pretty that you can see a reflection of yourself but not like a mirror, it is more than that the water sees the inside of your soul and your heart full of warmth and beauty, the true inside of a beautiful surface is that no one can easily see by the naked eye, you can also drink water right off your hands at long as you protect the secret of the forest. Feeling fresh cool wind on a hot summer’s day. And as you look at the water it goes deeper and deeper the more beautiful the water turns to be. From sky blue to navy blue. Even thought you didn’t hold on to the promise of protecting the forest not everyone is able to go and see this forest because it is heavily guarded by the goddess of nature. The goddess has the power to do anything with the reason of healing, guiding, or protecting the tree and the whole forest. And since Daniel entered the forest when he was younger and the happy memories gather in his heart and soul is still so pure. He was allowed access to enter. But once he doesn’t commit to his promise the goodness would decline his access to enter.

To the Goodness the forest took her full attention until she fell in love and had a gorgeous baby girl. Named Destiny Hearts, the next protector of the tree in the future. Daniel remember the details of the forest and the promise he have made but he doesn’t remember thing about the Goodness of Nature or her daughter.

Destiny Hearts has long dark brown hair and has eyes like a shining gloss of chocolate. Her height is not as ideal but close enough. It is a perfect size or hugs and a lot of animals really like her not just because she is the daughter of nature but as a fairy that would soon to be a goodness as well. That you take care of the animals with love and care liker her mom. She lived in a happy, cheerful, caring, loving, and healthy family of three. But as she grows older and older her responsibilities get heavier and heavier. And eventually she felt alone and had to be more independent to protect, love, and care for the tree. Her biggest fear is being and feeling all alone. Being able to handle a huge responsibly and the hardship of knowing how you would handle the problems that comes ahead. It takes leadership, skills, independence, responsibly to you and other living things. Is what she believes she is not ready for. And scared of failure because everyone was high expectation for her.

As Daniel remembers about the forest he tries to go back in. It is a place where he doesn’t feel alone and actually feels welcome. Since time was past Daniel can still enter because he keep his promise to the goodness. And since the forest in under a different management Destiny doesn’t really see the soul of the person. Like what is really happening on the person’s actions and mind. She only sees the shallow surface of a person's Heart and mind. Daniel can still enter the new barrier because he still does have a pure heart but something changes in Daniel soul that Destiny can’t see that Daniel is slowly being eaten by his fear of being lonely from everyone being busy all the time. While he is just lost of what he is meant for. His Mother saws this change in Daniel and tried to bond with him with the use of gardening that soon become Daniel’s hobby. This hobby of his lend to the attraction of Destiny to Daniel when he entered the magical forest.

“What did he do?” The child said.

“Do you want to know what happened next?”

“Yes Please!!” the children said

“Okay just wanted to make sure you guys are listening”

Daniel entered the magical forest once again. With his hobby in mind he watered the magical tree not know what it holds, when the tree absorbed the water it grown flowers around the tree. The positive energy wakes up Destiny that was sleeping from hard work keeping the animals and the whole forest beautiful with a smile. She sees Daniel face and the kind actions he is doing to the tree. She doesn’t know who he is but have these feeling of admiration towards him. He leaves forest and said. “I will come back soon I just need to bring something to make this situation look and feel better.” It took several days and Daniel has come back yet. Then all of sudden Ethan wondered by the forest by their house. Destiny missing Daniel and only remembering his faces. She sees Ethan thinking that he is Daniel and allowed him see the entrance of the magical forest. “What this a sudden door opened up?” Because of his curiosity he check out the opened door. He can’t believe his eyes he is seeing the most beautiful place in the world. He then realized his homework that made him wonder in the first place.

“What is Ethan Homework?”a different child said

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes” they all said.

“Okay just telling you what he is going to do is something you should never do okay?”

“Is he a bad person?” A little girl said

“No, He is not a bad person he is just a blinded by all his responsible”

“Does that make sense to everyone”

“I think so?”

“Okay let me explain”


Ethan your homework is to make a place that would attract people to come to our Kingdom. “Okay?” “Okay” Ethan said. Ethan Prince the twin brother of Daniel. He is the type of person that does not ask questions but just do what he was told. His greatest fear is not about being lonely but becoming a ruler everyone can be proud of. Would he be a great ruler that would govern his people in mind? Who knows. Ethan is the person that would be great as a King someday but right now he needs to learn how to control himself. Having his own voice and having questions on what is given to him. He is the type of person that would finish his homework that moment it was giving to him.

“I don’t see why he a bad person?” The little girl said.

“Yea he really isn’t a bad person but his actions is the one you should never do to a living thing”



“I hope that you guys can understand the meaning of this story and can understand why Ethan did something bad”

“What did he do?” they said all at the same time.

“I would tell you”

The assignment took ethan days to figure out and still not come up. He decide to walk around the inside of the palace. Where he landed in near the Forest where Destiny saw him. When we was look at the magical forest Ethan finally gone his idea of how he would finish his Homework. Part of his Character is that he always want to get the best results. That is why being a King can also be his fear. He always set these high expectations on himself. Not thinking that it is okay if you fail. That once you fall you can just get right up. Without this reason learned and without this inminded Ethan look at the tree the same way Daniel did with a different movative. He then also leaves and start drafting his plan on making the magical forest the new site for the Kingdoms next attraction. The next day Ethan comes back to the place where the gate opened. And it opened not because he had a pure heart it is because he looked like Daniel. Ethan started his process of making the biggest tree as the building for people to stay in to enjoy the view. Destiny still blinded she didn’t notice that the forest is slowly weakening. Soon she fall of the tree weak. Ethan not being able to see the girl continued his cutting the tree.

“Why are you doing this?” Tears fall down her face.


“This is your ideal way of making the tree a better place?” Sad tone was said

Daniel finally enters back to the magical forest with lights, blankets, and food. But drops it when we saw a lady on the ground weak and machine almost done cutting the tree.

“What did Daniel do?” The children asked.

“Yea and why is Destiny not doing anything” the little girl said

“Da because she weak and heartbroken with the guy she loves is destroying her home” the little boy said to the little girl

“Okay let me continue the story.”

With the quick instant after dropping everything with a shock in his face. Daniel tried to stop the machine to witness his brother doing it. A fight between them boils as who wins the control of the machine. Ethan is stronger than Daniel and he is losing but as he sees a beautiful lady on the ground weak asking for help with her eyes. Daniel finally took control and slap the heck of his brother of what he is doing. Ethan “what are you doing thing? Do you really think this is something a ruler does? Come on brother snap out of it. This is not right. This is not you.”

Daniel stops the machine the help the princess still weak. While he was helping her get up the tree sudden falls……. “Ah” from both of them. And what came to mind is to Protect the weaken princess. Ethan back to reality not blinded anymore pushes his brother out of the way. Thinking that this is all his fault of not reflecting on his plan or not even asking questions about his homework. Like why would the future ruler and anyone make a place to attract other people to come? The only he can do protect and save his brother. Everyone fainted and it was lights out. Leaving the three unconscious.


“Well what happen to them?” All who is listening said.

“They end up in an alternate universe where Destiny parent are living.”

They wake up only to find themselves in a white void like heaven. With everyone heal from their injuries. Once Destiny gain her consciousness she wakes up so confused on who really loved and release her anger on the twins on what is happening, “why you do that.”

Ethan said I am sorry was under a spell of the busy world of wanting to be perfect from my family ruling the kingdom someday.

What is going on care of explain boys? , why are there two of you?

We are twins.

“What?” Okay reasonable Destiny said.

“But which one of you is the twin that took care of the tree making flowers around it?”

“Me.” Daniel said

hitting Ethan one last time.

“Owwwwww!!!!!!” Said Ethan.

( blah blah blah ) 3 voice slashing. Explanation are get exchanged.

Enough said mother nature and shows up on fighting teens.

she calls “MOM.”

“I would deal with you later.”said by the mom

“Prince brothers, why did you fool with my daughter’s heart?”

???????????? Silences spreads the void

“We didn’t do on purpose and we honestly don’t even know about you and your daugher?”

A quick explanation of the place they all meet. That is a magical that is taken care of Destiny.

“Please don’t take my brother away. He just turn a new horizon in life, take me instead. He likes taking care of plants anyway. Plus I promise that my brother would change this time. Daniel said.

“What do you mean by change?” Mother said.

“I changed by learning that it is okay to ask and to rebel if what you think you’re doing is wrong. That it is okay to fail it. Is just part of being human” Thank you for letting me learn that. Ethan said.

“Also to be honest I don’t have any goals in life so I don’t know what life is in store for me so I am okay with anything. As long as I am not the next ruler but my brother Ethan and that we would ruler happily.”Daniel finally said what is bothering him making his heart, mind, and soul clean once again.

“Destiny do you really like this guy? The mother asking his child.

“Yes, I do. I have fallen in love with him. He is just so kind.” Destiny said

“Okay for now I would let you Daniel date my daughter to keep both of you company. But you still need to decide what you wanted to do with your live?” Okay? Said Mother Nature.

“Okay” said Daniel

Both Ethan and Daniel comes back to life to tell their family where they went and Daniel decision for his future.

A few days past way…… “Okay Mother Nature I would date your daughter” said by Daniel.

After a few more years of dating and getting to know each other. Destiny and Daniel got married. Losing Daniel’s human life form forever. As soon as the magical forest healed the ceremony began. Ending both of Daniel and Destiny’s fear of being lonely forever not existent. And everything came back to normal.


“Wait” said Ethan can I at least visit because I promise I wouldn’t destroy the forest again I am just scared that if I come back to my world I might be blinded again and forget my what I learned.

Both the goodness of nature blessed him to his requests not to be poison ever again.

“As long as you have the pureness intention to everyone you rule and thinking about them then you are good to go.” Destiny now learns that you shouldn’t open the portal to anyone no matter what because that there is a barrier that protects everyone living in the forest. Only the purest of hearts can come in or with the bless of the goddess. And with this story they fix a confused soul like Ethan and started a program. To wanted to help any loss souls out there. So they assignment this task to Ethan since he know how it was like to be loss and confused. This is his way to pay them back for what he have cost them. The goodness made the two worlds together with the humans and nature as one needed each. The program Destiny start also created a world where they can test the people Ethan recurred and if they learn the same lessons he did. And changed the lives of many. Lastly Ethan realized that once he has his own children he would spread the learning and understanding of how to run and govern a nation. So his children would feel a big gap between them but have a strong bond instead. Solving his fear of better leading. Fin.

Around of applause when out the story finished.

“Wow, you guys love the story!” “I’m glad”

“Of course we loved it. The story have much a good plot with twist and turns”

“Awww thank you guys until next them then”

“And have a nice day. Remember the lesson and the promise the brothers made Okay?”

“Okay” all the children said “We will remember”

“See you later Ms.Hearts”

While the children is leaving with their parents and saying their goodbyes, the narrator’s husband come in with their child and she said.

“DANIEL” hugs.

“My Love DESTINY are you done with storytelling”

“Yea, it turns out they loved it”

“Wait you're the Goddess!!!!” the last child leaving said. Hearing the whole conversation.

“Shhhhhhhh” with smiling face. Said by both Daniel and Destiny.

The End.