Kylie Cota

Hi! My name is Kylie Cota, and I am taking 3 different classes at Freestyle Academy. I currently take Design, Digital Media, and English. I chose to do Freestyle because I want to explore my creative freedom further and hopefully further explore writing and design. I value the creative freedom we are given and the community that supports us. Everyone is understanding and open-minded, a quality I value greatly.

When I was younger I loved photography and traditional art, and took many different art classes while experimenting with different medias. As a sophomore, I experimented with ceramics, and this year am now experimenting with design and digital art.

Outside of Freestyle, I love to journal, write letters, and explore new places. I am passionate about writing and love to show that in letters or writing short stories. I enjoy exploring new parts of San Francisco or visiting lesser-known cities to see what they have to offer. I value open-mindedness and honesty and am never the person to judge someone.

I’ve been at Freestyle Academy for one year now, and I’ve learned a lot this year. I started barely knowing how to use a Mac and can now maximize my usage and have learned so many new things. I learned how to create art and prints using the magic of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and learned how to use different Photoshop tools. I got to experiment and design my own creature, write creative fiction and learned new skills every day. What was most important to me this year was the bonds I made, and how I grew as a person. I made lots of new friends and was even able to attend Freestyle’s prom this year. I had a great time and met some of my classmates for the first time in person. I’ve grown to learn more as a Digital Artist, and as a person. Thank you Freestyle for an amazing year, and I enjoyed being a part of this special program.