About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Kyra Palmbush and I am a student at Freestyle Academy and Mountain View High school. I love travel, going on adventures and sports. In my free time, I play basketball and volleyball as well as volunteer with the children’s ministry at my church. All my projects at Freestyle have been unique and taught me different lessons. Through Freestyle I have learned time management, scheduling/planning, and how to meet deadlines, all skills that I will need for life after high school.

Freestyle has significantly changed my perspective and introduced me to some of the different ways technology can be used to make a lasting impact on the world. We currently live in the digital age. All around us are different forms of media and information that we can choose to ignore or accept. Freestyle has given me the opportunity to produce my own media instead of consuming it. I am excited to use this platform to share some of the projects I have created at Freestyle Academy.