One of our first projects in Design was Alphabet Photography. We were asked to go outside and find random things that looked like letters to us. At first, this seemed to be a very difficult task, as it is not natural for me to find letters in nature, but after a while it became easy to find these hidden words and letters. My Alphabet Photography is below.

Aboriginal art was originally created in Australia by the Indigenous peoples there. The art involves thousands of small dots in order to form one complete image. For this project, we were allowed to pick what ever animal we wanted, and I chose the hummingbird. This project also taught us a lot about color theory, as we were required to mix our own paints for this project. My painting is below.

In order to learn more about Space, Form, and Shape, we were asked to create a collage using images from a magazine. Although this might seem like an elementary task, it was very difficult to find images that worked perfectly together and created a sense of flow and unity. Part of this project was to find images that do not usually go together and have a sort of absurd theme that somehow comes together into one collage. I had a lot of fun with this exercise even though it was frustrating at times. My collage is below.

Our collage project involved several steps with the second being to construct a monochromatic painting. Monochromatic means that only one color can be used throughout the entire piece. This was a struggle because it meant that after mixing our original color, we could only add black and white. This was a constraint, but also made things simpler and more straightforward. My collage is below.

Our third and final step to the collage project was creating a collage on photoshop. Using everything that we had learned in the previous exercises, we were asked to create a digital collage. This collage was also supposed to not necessarily make sense, but have a clear sense of unity and direction for the eye to follow. My collage is below.

Another one of our assignments was to do street photography. Although the concept of street photography may sound simple, it was rather difficult to photograph complete strangers. My classmates and I ran into several problems as people didn’t want to be photographed, or were upset that they were. Although it posed some challenges, it was very interesting to watch people living in the world. After doing our first round of street photography, we were asked to edit a picture we took with a certain mood. I chose to edit a picture of a mother and daughter with the emotion of joy. My edited photo is below.

The Citizen project was a collaboration with the book we read in English, Citizen, and the lyrical essay we were asked to write afterwords. We were assigned to do more street photography, this time looking for people who in some way reflected our interview subject. Then after finding this image, we highlighted our desired subject and made the rest of the picture black and white. Then using the diptych format, we put a quote from our essay or interviewee into the outline of our object. This turned into a really cool image with a powerful message. My image is below.

Our Japanese Stab-binding book project was one of the most tedious and amazing projects we have done all year. It involved many steps and resulted in a beautiful handmade book. The first step in this process was learning macro photography. We went out in nature and used very small, very precise lenses to get up close and personal with the nature around us. After this, we put the images in photoshop and made them look like water color. Then we worked on crafting the rest of the pages with care and attention to detail. My Japanese Stab-binding Book is below:

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Our latest project this semester was to design a movie poster and packaging. We were challenged to produce a minimalist movie poster with a maximum of two colors. This project was super engaging as we were asked to think of a plot that reflected our poster. My plot involved a young women riding the Trans Siberian train across Russia in order to meet her childhood sweetheart. The twist is one of the many strangers on the train is the love of her life. My poster and packaging is below: