One of our last projects at freestyle was the podcast unit. This unit challenged us to look at different types of podcasts and then make our own. I personally love listening to podcasts. They are a great way to learn and engage with topics you might not otherwise be exposed to. This unit was really fun for me as I was able to dive deeper into a topic I really enjoy. My favorite podcast is Ted Radio hour because I find the content interesting and often leave wanting to apply what I heard and make my life better.

In order to come up with a podcast idea, I had to brainstorm using what I had learned from listening to podcasts. When I was asked to pay more attention to the podcasts I was listening to, I made observations I otherwise would not have noticed. The intro to a podcast is very important. It draws the listener in and sets the mood for the entire podcast. For my podcast, I wanted to keep the intro light and upbeat, as my audience was mostly high schoolers. In many of the podcasts, there were interviews that were interwoven into the conversation. Although I appreciate this technique and would definitely use it for the future, I wanted to keep it simple with just a conversation between my partner and I.

There were several steps involved in creating this podcast. First we had to come up with our idea. We wanted a topic that would be relatable to us and specifically second semester high school seniors. So, we decided to talk about the college decision process. After deciding our idea, we needed to write a rough script to keep our conversation on topic. Then we used protools to record and edit the podcast.

Here is our Podcast: