Letitia Popescu

Howdy! I’m Letitia Popescu, a junior at Los Altos High School that’s taking Freestyle Academy. I’m enlisted in the Animation course.

I adore learning about wildlife. One of my favorite animals of all time are toucans and orcas! Nature acts as a major inspiration for me and I use it for my art. I aspire to one day become a storyboard artist, animator or concept artist. I’m proud to say I’ve completed a 5 minute animatic during the span of one year and learned a lot about the process animating and story boarding during the process

An animatic I worked on from July, 2019 to August, 2020

There was an art competition with the prompt of “Good Trouble”. By the time I learned about it, I had a week to complete this animation. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I did learn a lot from the process!

“When my phone cracked, the exterior was replaceable, but the SIM card had the valuable information. I realized the inside is what truly matters. Raccoons are opportunists who don’t shy away from mischief. We should challenge the status quo like curious raccoons, but always remember that our morals matter most in the end. Expectations can be malleable, but our humanity defines good trouble.”

The artistry used in animated films, pieces of art, and works created by others in general is also a fuel for my creativity. Some of my favorite films include Sleeping Beauty for the art direction, The Prince of Egypt. My fascination with film bloomed when my fifth grade class was responsible for hosting a Film Festival in 2015. From there, I got interested in movie making. This includes acting, editing and eventually animation. I’ve always loved to draw and continue to practice as much as I can.

I’ve done two years of mock trial so far and look forward to doing my third year!

Freestyle Academy has felt like a sandbox for me. I’m learning at least one new thing everyday from my teachers, as well as refining my abilities. I’ve been exposing myself to new programs and tools. I’ve learned about the exposure triangle for photography and how to change the settings on a camera. I’ve also learned the process for recording and uploading voice recordings.

Digital drawing of a creature in a crystal cave I’ve made.

At the end of my first year of Freestyle Academy, I’ve grown in confidence with my storytelling and using a variety of programs. The Freestyle Academy classes were so intertwined, especially for our documentary profile project. I learned how to pull together a large project with various elements, such as the writing, designing, and animation process. As a creator, I’ve learned creating a foundation for the work you want to publish is necessary and the additional flare is something you add near the end.

Drawing of a platypus creature I’ve drawn