Zenith: The time at which something is most powerful or successful.

To me, I saw the Zenith Project as the best opportunity for me to take a step forward in what I love to do most, and what I want to do as a career: telling stories through cartoons. With the amount of freedom we are given, this project truly represents the definition of Zenith, allowing us to explore what we’re most passionate about to its fullest potential.

I think my chosen project, which is to create a 10 minute pilot episode for a cartoon TV series as an animatic with voice acting and sound effects, will be very challenging, as I’ve presented myself with a project where I’ll combine things within my comfort zone, drawing and character design, with things I’ve only started learning recently, like sound editing and script writing. I also think it will be a challenge for me to make such a long project, as the most I’ve storyboarded for is a 2 minute film.

As I will be having other students voice act for my cartoon, I will also need to keep track of what I’ve already completed, what needs to be done, and making sure to schedule appropriately so I can have all the voice clips I need as soon as possible. I think this is a bring risk coming from my perspective, as my Documentary project, which required lots of interviews, went fairly poorly. However, I have a specific creative vision that needs to be fulfilled, so I’m willing to take the risk of scheduling around other people again to succeed in this project.

The Process

End result:

Although I didn’t end up finished what I wanted to finish, I felt this was a good learning experience. I ended up with only a minute of a composed video with sound effects, as I had not accounted for the time it would take to storyboard, which, in the end, I couldn’t use all of. I see this project as a bit of a setback, but It’s something I can move past and learn from, so I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.