About Me

Hi! My name is Mia Bassett and I am a junior at Freestyle Academy studying Film. I have always had a passion for film, so attending Freestyle has been something I have looked forward to since freshman year. Freestyle has given me a unique opportunity to channel my creativity into school through Film, Digital Media, and English. I value the resources Freestyle has provided me, and the opportunity to expand my knowledge of many different digital medias. I cannot wait to continue creating projects over the next two years that allow me to express myself and communicate my ideas through many mediums of art.

Outside of Freestyle, I am the webmaster for MVHS ASB, a member of the MVHS Mock Trial team, a producer and board member of TedX MVHS, and a swimmer for the MVHS varsity swim team. During the summer you can find me coaching swimming for my local summer league team or living at Girl Scout Camp where I am a counselor-in-training. I am the happiest when I am at camp, working with the young campers and living with my friends in the forest. I am passionate about social justice and am very interested in politics. I love spending time in nature, writing, traveling, and watching films (especially documentaries)!

During my first year at Freestyle, I have grown as a digital artist and a student in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Digital media class taught me how to use many different programs, and now I am able to use pretty much any application in the Adobe suite, which has definitely been useful not only for class but for my personal projects. I also have been able to use technology to try things that I would not have been able to do previously, such as play music using the digital instruments in ProTools. I am also very proud of my progress in film class. Looking back at my experimental film, it is crazy to see how much I have learned since then about composition, lighting, narrative structure, and many other aspects of filmmaking. Seeing all my work culminate in my documentary film was very rewarding and I cannot wait to continue film next year.