About Me


Welcome to my page! My name is Mia Polcyn and I am a student at Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle, I’ve taken classes in Digital Media, Design, Film, and English. Throughout my time in this program, I have created a versatile portfolio full of projects that I am very proud of. Prior to taking classes here, I was never really exposed to the Art world. I have been so lucky to learn from my teachers and student mentors to experiment with new mediums and challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to creating. My favorite part about Freestyle is the community. Because everyone here is so passionate about the same things, the amount of support and encouragement spread around daily is incredible.

Outside of Freestyle I am either playing soccer, taking photos of nature or my friends, going on hikes, or creating content for the world to see. I am exceedingly passionate about storytelling in many forms, so most of my work is a mixture of my thoughts in writing and my photography. I get excited about anything involving nature, as I live to explore new places near my hometown: Los Altos, California. Whether it’s waking up at 4 a.m. to watch the sunrise in San Francisco or finding new trails a few cities over, being active and outdoors is what keeps me positive and fuels my passion to create.

My favorite Freestyle project was by far my documentary book on Jack O’Neill. I pushed myself way past my boundaries with this experience, as I was forced to follow a story into unfamiliar territory. In order to design my 30 page spread, I used applications like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator to complete a finished composition of my writing, photography, and digital illustrations. I’m happy to say that all my hard work and long nights at the Freestyle campus paid off, as my reward was being able to hold a copy of my work in my hands. This is a project I will never forget, and one that will continue to inspire me to take risks and dream big.

Last year in my Digital Media class, we used Adobe Dreamweaver to code our websites and showcase our projects. Here is a link to my old website with some of my work from junior year: https://www.freestyleacademy.rocks/~MiaP/index-old.html