In the last month of our time at Freestyle, we were required to make a podcast in our English class on any topic in order to learn how to effectively deliver a story that others would want to listen to.

I chose to make my podcast about my recent decision to quit soccer and why sometimes it’s okay to quit. As the first step in the process, we listened to multiple podcasts to learn more about what kind of style we preferred and what was effective in capturing our attention.

Here’s a screenshot of my Podcast Review.

Then, we worked on drafting our script. This step was easy for me because the subject was fresh on my mind so I typed it all out in a matter of minutes.

In addition to writing our own script, we made our own theme music using Pro Tools and Reason to add more of a mood to the entire project.

Finally, we designed an album cover in order to act as the title of our podcasts.

Here is the finished product: