Mia Schmitt

Welcome! Here’s a little about me. I am a student at Freestyle taking Film, Digital Media, and English. I have always felt like I needed something that would really interest me and make learning fun, which is why I chose Freestyle. I needed a little more drive in my life, and what better way to find that than with something that really sparks curiosity and creativity?

When I’m not being creative in Freestyle or attending my other classes at Los Altos High School, I find other ways to have fun. I dance, play tennis, spend time with my pets, hang out with my friends, and go find crazy, spontaneous activities to do.

Being a student at Freestyle, I value all of the time and support that the teachers take to show their students that learning can be fun when you actually have a passion for what you’re learning. I value the skills they teach us, which we would have never learned in regular high school classes. I am very excited for what’s to come, and what you will soon be seeing on this website!