For the final project of my junior year at Freestyle, the project prompt was "Exploration." I was given the freedom to create something of my own choice. With so many options, it was a difficult decision. I could write music, create works of art, or explore a new skill. In the end I decided on the perfect project: Bookbinding.

Any one who knows me knows my overwhelming love for books, paper, notebooks, and pens. Not only do I enjoy reading, writing, and doodling, I also have a general love for paper. There is something about a beautifully bound notebook or a sturdy sheet of paper that has the ability to make me smile.

It was only natural for me to land on book binding as my project. Little did I know, the door I would be opening up would lead to countless possibilities.


While working on my book, I researched the history and various types of bookbinding methods. Using an Infographic, I illustrated just a few of the things that I learned.

Final Production

The ultimate process of creating my book was one that required a level of experience that I lacked. And so, the design teacher, Ms. P, guided me through the process with the expereince she had already obtained.

I started with book board, paper, and rubber cement.

Slowly, it began to take form into my final product.

When the structure of the book was completed, I used the principles of design to decorate the cover.


In the end, I created something that I am immensely proud of. My first hand-bound book turn out wonderfully. As a result of this process, I have gained a new skill, and have further increased my knowledge of one of my greatest interests.

All in all, I could not ask for a better closing project for my first year at Freestyle. It has helped me explore a new skill, all while expanding on ones I have already gained.