Board Game Design

Creating an Effective and fun Board Game

In the Explorations Project we had to find a topic that we are passionate about and make an infographic about that topic. The graphic would be an easy way for others to understand and learn about your topic.

My explorations project was to come up with a a proces with creating a new and interesting baord game idea and then bring it into the real world.

Thought Process

I first looked at what other people said about making a board game and then took their ideas and process and started to make one with my one of my friends to get the process down and understand how it played out.

As seen here we wrote down some rules to see how they would work.

The Basics of Board Game Design

I first went and looked up some basic board game rules in the line that I was hoping to create. I then went and read a few articles on the basic process of making a board game, I then started to write some rules down with my friend and make a board to go with the game. My friend mostly looked up how to balance the games well enough to make them enjoyable and addicting to all play styles.

This is my final Info Graphic

A Chance to Explore

The explorations project was finally a chance to do something that I found interesting, in school. I was able to find something that I loved, research more into it, and create an infographic to explain it to other people. I chose to do mine on board game design with one of my friends, while he researched how to balance I looked at the overall creative process of making a board game.

I am satisfied with the work that came out of it, and the knowledge that I gained while doing it. I do however wish that we could have made something more tangible than just an idea on paper. We did try to make our game into a real life, but could not find an easy way to make it come to life with the idea we had. Overall this was a fun project to finally be abil to make my own school work and have dead lines.