Natalie was a student of Freestyle Academy during 2018-2020. She currently takes classes in both digital media and animation. Enrolled in the program, she wants to gain skills to help her better understand what she aspires to do in life. She hopes that by being in Freestyle, it will give her the skill set to accomplish bigger and more complicated projects she wouldn’t have to resources or knowledge to do otherwise. Natalie aspires to create art that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. Through art, she is able to articulate her complex thoughts and ideas into a physical or visual form. She finds that she has taken the unique Freestyle community to a liking, and enjoys being connected to so many people with common interests or aspiration. 

“I am really grateful for my time at Freestyle. I think I met very talented people who were able to help me grow as an artist. I also learned many practical artistic skills which I plan to utilize in the future. While I very much look forward to go to college and learn even more, I will definitely miss the Freestyle environment and teachers. I hope that the next generations of students will come to appreciate the art program as much as I did, and really utilize the wonderful opportunity and resources they were given. I have great confidence that the teachers of Freestyle will continue to foster the development of bright individuals. In 5 years come, I do not know where I see myself, thought I know my time and experiences at Freestyle will continue to be a large part of my past memories.”

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