The explorations project was an open ended assignment in which we the student, we able to choose what we would like to complete. We then researched about our projected, created and infographic using Photoshop for our digital media class, and then presented the project to our peers. For my project, inspired by the Japanese movie Akira, I decided to create a mock robotic arm prop then animate on top of it. After creating puppets in animation, I have come to the realization that I heavily enjoy creating physical things, and wanted to explore that in my project.


For the process, I began with duct taping my arm over saran wrap, this way I could draw the pattern of the arm directly onto my arm, so that it molded and fit me. I then cute the pieces out of foam and layered it with wood-glue for a hard finish. After spray painting them, I began to assemble the pieces onto a glove using broken wires, and various small pieces i bought form home depot. To complete the arm, I weathered it with black paint to appear more rustic and realistic. I then used a photo I took of the arm and animate over it, creating a loop gif.

NatalieH_Explorations Presentation

Final Production



Overall, I learned much about how to make physical things. For one, I had issues with using LED lights for my arm. In the future I would like to fix the led lights. I also learned the importance of planning, which is a step I usually tend to skip over. To build the arm, it involved extensive planning and research of concept design, and how the prop should tonally fit the theme I was going for. My biggest goal was achieving storytelling from prop making, and animating realistic light over it. I am very proud to say I have complete both, with a project that I am satisfied with.