About Me

Nate Randolph

Who am I you might ask? Well, I am Nate Randolph a student enrolled at Freestyle Academy and Mountain View High School. I am currently taking film, digital media, and English at freestyle. My brother took freestyle before me and I couldn’t wait to take it in high school after going to several exhibitions and seeing the projects of freestyle students before me. Freestyle has been so great because it allowed me to discover more about myself whether it’s what I have the potential to do with film or learning tons of new programs through digital media. I believe freestyle prepares me more for the future than any class I could have taken at Mountain view. At freestyle academy, I feel like I am pushed hard and my time is not wasted so I can do truly amazing things. I also like the small community and collaboration at freestyle, I feel a lot better when I collaborate with others and make my project better than I could have done by myself.

When I am not at freestyle you can see me in the pool. I play Waterpolo for my high school (Mountain View) and my club (West Valley Water polo club). I love the sport and I have been playing since I was 12. I travel for a lot of tournaments in L.A or nearby in northern California and sometimes in more exotic places like Hungary, Barcelona, Croatia, and Hawaii. I was born in Los Altos California with my mom, dad, and my brother. My other interests include guitar, I like to play some songs but nothing too serious. I love music whether it’s listening to it or playing music on my guitar. I like to hang out with my friends as much as I can and play with my dog Kai.