This week’s photo is about a self portrait that tells one about how others think of me. To be honest, I don’t know how others see me. I know so many different type of people, that it would be extremely difficult for me to think about a general consensus about how people think of me, so this photo is meant to me reminiscent of a man in disguise, or a service agent. You are presented what they are doing when you see them, but there are a lot of things they do that you don’t know about, which can be both good or bad.


This week’s photo is about storms. Here’s a photo of recently subsided heavy rain from inside a car. Something about this just looks pleasing to me.

Deadly Sins

This week’s photo was about one of the deadly sins. The last couple of times my parent bought these cases of Ferrero Rocher, I would take a bunch of them every day. I kind of only wanted it for myself, so that can be seen as greed.

Film Noir

This week’s photo is about Film Noir, which is, of course, going to be a black and white photo. Given how dark Film Noir related things tend to be, I looked around for something dark or moody and came across this huge puddle in a parking garage, and took a picture of the reflection. It’s a dark setting with practically no colors even if the photo wasn’t black and white.

Modern Convenience

This week’s post is about a modern convenience, or something modern that I can’t live without. For that, I chose my MacBook. I’ve gotten so many things done on this one device that I have no idea where I’d be today if I never had it.


This week’s photo was about the seasons, and since this season is Fall, I took a picture showing some Fall things, such as that bird, the dead leaves everywhere, and the very red tree.

Image of a Martial Artis studio with several people.

Color without Color

Image of a Martial Artis studio with several people.

This week’s photo was about taking a “colorful” picture without color, so the contents of the photo would give it “color.” Looking at this photo without any context would hopefully give you some questions as to what was going on. This is a photo I took during a Martial Arts competition that I was helping out in. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to this photo alone. It would take quite a bit of time to describe who each person was or what was going on at this moment.

Friends and Family

Photo of 5 friends sitting side by side on a bench in a park.

This week’s photo was about friends or family. I chose to take a picture about my friends. Next to me are a bunch of friends that I know from the church that I go to. We see each other almost every week, and we love to talk about a lot of different things. This is an image of us after playing some basketball after church. We’ve known each other for multiple years, and whenever we are hanging out, it’s a guarantee that we are going to have a great time.

Your Culture

Image of Georgian food on a plate, food in a small bowl, a glass horn, a box of chocolates, some drinking horns, multiple bottles of wine, and a textile table cover in the background.

This photo represents quite a bit about my culture. I am from the country Georgia, and Georgia has a lot of culture to show. They are very big on food, so you can see quite a bit of Georgian food on the bottom right. They are also very big on wine, so we see a lot of different types of wine in the image. They are also quite big on textiles, so you see a type of textile in the background. One of the bottles has a red jacket cover over it, which represents the type of clothing Georgians wore as soldiers centuries ago. This image just has many parts about my culture.