About Me


My name is Owen Leahy, and I was a 12th grader at Mountain View High School. I had an older brother, a mom and dad, and two golden retrievers. I have dyslexia, which is a learning challenge I have dealt with my whole life. Some of my core values in life were to always try my hardest in school, participate in class, and advocate for myself and others. In my free time outside of school, I liked to hang out with my friends, go to the beach, or watch the sunset. I loved going on runs with my two dogs around my neighborhood. I also recently got a job at a boba shop, Boba Guys, where I learned how to make teas and boba. I enjoyed going to the movies with my family because we tried to see as many movies as we could together. One thing I looked forward to was learning new things at Freestyle Academy, especially about digital media, web design, and other design aspects. I was excited to be an upperclassman, not just at Freestyle but also at Mountain View High School. I was eager to embark on this new journey in my life at Freestyle Academy.

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