Deadly Sins

When I think of deadly sins I think of illegal, wrong, and when I came across this abandon barn off of an old trail I saw that it was covered in spray paint and even though graffiti is illegal and wrong there was a beauty behind the art. ISO 32, 13mm, f 1.8 shutter speed […]

Deapth of Field

Small flower, standing in Googles forground When I came across these vibrant flowers posted in front of a massive google building, and made me think about how small these flowers were compared to the world surrounding them. ISO 150, 26mm, f 1,50, shutter speed 1/350. ( after taking the photo is realized they were fake […]

Film Noir

This photo was taken as I was walking through the campus, and then I thought to myself what would this look like in a black and white image. So after I got home from touring the school. Then edited it in Photoshop, ISO 150, 26mm, F 1.10, shutter speed 1/30


Song cover( Viren S, Felicia W) This photo was taken in our very own Freestyle Academy, in the studio. The photo was taken when we were covering a song by Mac Demarco, I found this experience extremely eye opening to a different from music. ISO 150, f 1.3 20 mm, shutter speed 1.5

View Point

It was the day after my 12th grade winter ball, and after a long day of playing catch up of all my homework from the week prior. The weather was spectacular with a 70ยบ, I decided to take myself on a drive. I took myself up to Skyline Boulevard ( Route 35 ) after driving […]

Small v Large

I saw this vibrant green little plant in my friends backyard, when I got up close to it I noticed all of the small finer details of a small. After taking this photo I thought to myself how many small things get looked over everyday.ISO 32, 25mm, f 1.8, 1/375 shutter speed

Color Theory

This photo was taken at the SFMOMA not too long ago with my family. Prior to taking this photo I was noticed how the red like is not only reflecting off of walls but how the red is getting absorbed by the darkness in the room and black wall drawing in the red lighting. ISO […]


Earth Element I took this photo on a path walking into my friends home in New Zealand, with all of the vibrant greens and tropical trees lining the walk way. I thought that this was the best way to capture the Earth element. ISO 120 26mm f 1.8 shutter speed 1/70

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