Modern Convenience

For this modern convenience I thought that this photo of boats would be a good idea as it is a new found way for transportation, and an important convenience for many people all over the world to get from place to place. ISO 150, 26mm, shutter speed 1/100

Deadly Sins

When I think of deadly sins I think of illegal, wrong, and when I came across this abandon barn off of an old trail I saw that it was covered in spray paint and even though graffiti is illegal and wrong there was a beauty behind the art. ISO 32, 13mm, f 1.8 shutter speed […]

Film Noir

This photo was taken as I was walking through the campus, and then I thought to myself what would this look like in a black and white image. So after I got home from touring the school. Then edited it in Photoshop, ISO 150, 26mm, F 1.10, shutter speed 1/30


Music Culture, when I thought of Culture I immediately went to music. As I have grown up on all kinds of music. Music is a form of expression and my parent’s value expression very deeply and I feel that this is my Culture. ISO 320, f 1.5, 1/60 shutter speed

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