To finalize our first year ever at Freestyle Academy, we had one more challenge to take on! The explorations unit, the idea and thought proses behind this unit was to address, and challenge our selfs to learn new ideas or expand our knowledge.

For my explorations project, I planned on drawing different staple key household items like a couch or a TV though out the generations. But I thought to myself I could try and learn something new. So after thinking of different ideas, I came up with learning Oil Pastels. I learned many different techniques on how to blend, different colors.

In our digital media classes we were challenged to create experimental music. Using Pro Tools we were able to play instruments digitally, and learn how to edit music tracks. Some of the instruments learned and played were drums, guitar, harp, flute, and practically every other instrument using just a keyboard. I found this extremely interesting.


I my design class is where I worked on my Oil Pastel project. Also in design class we had to make a slide show presentation using our very our GDEs.

Click On Me to See my slides


For my inspiration for my song, was an ominous, dark vibe. I was trying to achieve a mysterious song for a thriller movie.   

I think I am most proud in myself for learning how to edit and mix different types of instruments, and mash them into one song. Also for how well it turned out, also for only having a short time period to create this and feeling accomplished.

I value the opportunity that I was given to learn many different types of instruments at my finger tips, with only a computer! And with this new knowledge of mixing and making music I can share my knowledge with other people, to educate others.

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