Here are the top most proud items that I want to share!

Movie Poster

In my art, I explore the emotional journey of R.C. Chambers, a pharmacist in 1850s San Francisco, as he navigates a series of murders in his city. Where Chambers works in a pharmacy serving the wealthy, He also frequents an opium den called The Midnight Lotus to cope with stress. Chambers witnesses a murder, which deeply affects him and blurs his sense of reality, especially during his visits to the opium den. As the story unfolds, Chambers struggles to cope with what he’s seen. Through Chambers’ experiences, I aim to explore how trauma can impact one’s perception of reality and the importance of friendship and support in challenging times.

 I created my Movie Poster leading with an eerie vibe trying to follow our movie genre psycho thriller. I took inspiration from the movie American Psycho, as well as the movie Deep Red. I created my poster using Adobe Illustrator, with the pen tool, brush tool and the shape tools. But during the process of my creation I ran into a few setbacks, like trying to make the hair look realistic. But after trial and error I was able to find the final outlook.

Product Design

For this project, we were tasked to create a brand, boundless creative possibilities and a clear vision guided my approach. I sought to create a representation that resonated with power, energy, and excitement. I choose the embodiment of this, what more than chili crunch oil, something that adds a bold spicy flavor. I created the mockups for each aspect of my brand. I started with the variety of jars that would hold the “Munch Crunch”. – my chili crunch oil. Afterward, I want to make something that everyone who indulges in Munch Crunch can wear and display to the public without even eating it. A tote bag, you can carry all your goods while showing off my brand at any time. For my final mockup, I made a takeaway box, it’s something you can save for later. So at any time of the night, you can have the spice and tanginess of Munch Crunch.

Creating every mockup was not an easy task, I ran into countless problems. My biggest challenge was creating a brand that would give the consumer a feeling of power and heat just by looking at labels. I needed to make something that would stand out in a crowd, just like how Munch Crunch would stand out. So after changing the font size and the colors that would be going out behind the text I finally came up with the final label. But it was also hard coming up with different mockups that would work without taking away the attention from the actual brand. For the creation of this product, I used Adobe Illustrator, Plackit, along with Adobe Photoshop. I made the logo and label in Adobe Illustrator and used Plackit for the mockups.


Creating laser-engraved mandalas has been a transformative journey in both my artistic and personal development. The intricate patterns and symmetrical designs of mandalas have always fascinated me, symbolizing the universe’s harmony and balance. As I delved into the process of laser engraving, I was captivated by the precision and creativity it allowed. This medium enabled me to bring my vision to life with unparalleled detail and accuracy. The meticulous nature of designing each mandala required patience and a deep understanding of geometric principles, which not only honed my technical skills but also taught me the value of perseverance and attention to detail. Through this art form, I was able to express my fascination with the interconnectedness of life and the beauty found in symmetry.

Learning to master the laser engraving machine was both challenging and rewarding. Each step, from drafting the design to adjusting the laser settings, required a new level of skill and understanding. The process involved numerous trials and errors, but each mistake was a lesson that brought me closer to perfecting my craft. When I finally saw the finished piece, I was filled with a profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The mandala, with its delicate lines and intricate details, reflected not only my artistic vision but also the growth and dedication I had invested in learning this new skill. This experience has not only enriched my artistic capabilities but has also instilled in me a greater appreciation for the blend of technology and creativity in modern art.

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