About Me

Pedro Juarez

Welcome to my page! My name is Pedro Juarez. I am a Junior at Mountain View High School and I’m attending year one at Freestyle Academy. Here at freestyle I am taking 3 classes, English, Digital Media, and my elective choice, Animation. I choose to do animation as my elective because I’ve always liked watching animated movies films and I’ve always thought about the people making them, and I would like to be able to produce my own animation. I am very fortunate to be in Freestyle, so I will make the most out of this opportunity. In Freestyle I hope to learn more of how to take my creativity and thoughts to another level where I can express myself into my work. One of my greatest passions is exploring new places/things because it opens up different perspectives on the way I look at things. Outside of school, I like to play soccer, skateboard, bike and hang out with my friends and family.