Animation Student

About Me

My studies in Freestyle Academy during this school year has been a fantastic experience. I have always been interested in technology because we are regularly exposed to it. However, it was never my strong suit, and I still had trouble working on digital projects before Freestyle. Freestyle has helped me overcome these challenges! Also, I was able to improve my communication skills with both my classmates and teachers, make great connections, and grow as a person.

My experience at Freestyle Academy has been positive, with a few ups and downs. However, the great thing about Freestyle is that even the downs have helped me improve. I value the relationship I have now that like-minded people surround me. I appreciate the unique culture that surrounds Freestyle as it has opened up my passion for creating.

Outside of Freestyle, I am a very social person. In addition to spending time with friends, family, and pets, I work as a lifeguard for the city of Mountain View. I was inspired by my love for helping people and hoped someday to pursue a career in the medical field.

I draw inspiration for my art from the experiences I have had in my life. One example is the animation camp I attended over spring break. Before the field, I was unsure about my skills as an animator. However, after reviewing the basics, I felt more confident about my abilities. This has allowed me to think outside the box and push myself to create unique and complex work.

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