Rose Lama

Mountain View high School


First Year Senior in Freestyle


Projects Information


On the left is the first website I did the first few weeks of freestyle. It's a website where we store all our project information.

On the right is my innovator website. The purpose of the Senior Innovator Project is to use your own passion to innovate, create, and develop your own project.

When I had started freestyle I didn't know anything about how a website is made. It took me a lot of time to understand the whole process of why there are a Js and CSS in HTML. It was more like a toddler learning taste of different foods. The First website was more or less my friends and my teacher helping me understand what I was doing for the website. Like the intro and the outro of the page, sliding navigation buttons and all the Js. Making the stylesheet is way easier than making a Js. From my first project to now I have learned a lot from all my mistakes. The only problem for me is, I don't have enough content.


Other Websites I've done in freestyle over the year

Profile, Narrative & Innovator

From freestyle I've learned more than I had expected. It feels like I have gotten more than I had bargained for and especially in Digital media class. When I first came to freestyle I came having thought of mostly design and animation. But slowly I got to learn more about websites, music & audio, photography, literature and maybe a little of a film. Although I was a Digital media student a lot of my projects consist of filming and animation. Freestyle was a very great and awesome experience I have.


The first website I had created was to store all the project information. There you can get information to all the projects I have done in freestyle. All the Digital media students are required to have an information page. Being a first-year senior I only have four projects while other second-year students have eight projects and all the website information is on their very first project website. In project information page we have to include pictures of our website with the information of the project we did. In the end of all the project information pages, we have the links to the projects. Please click on the title of this page to visit the project information page.
CrazyEyWe is the second to last project I did in freestyle. For the innovator project, students were required to make a project for themselves. For my innovator project, I decided to make a project where I would talk about minor things people don't think are important and things people misunderstand in the society. There were a lot of challenges I faced doing this project. My minor problems were finding smallest things people don't understand and don't tend to try understanding it because I myself misunderstand a lot and don't tend to care about certain things but for my project, it was hard to schedule people. During this project, I focused on only one subject, stereotypes. Click on the title of this page to visit the CrazyWyWe website.