This is my best buy uniform. I work about 12 hours a week at best buy and it inspires me to work hard in the future to get payed better than I do for a retail job.

Color Theory

This was a test on color grading in photos. Usually color grading is used in film, however using it in photos can change the emotion and feel of a photo. Much like how it can do the same with a film. The original of this photo felt too orange, so I gave it a more

Modern Convenience

A modern convenience that I have today is something such as a trash can. I can easily use the trash can to throw away unwanted items in my room. Long ago we probably couldn’t do this, however we have it now.


We were given a speed light and were tasked to use it creatively. I decided to take one of my favorite characters and make him the star of this photo.

Rule of Odds

This is a picture of one of my speakers. Funny to think that if this speaker’s design only had two circles, It probably wouldn’t look that great. Placing three circles gives a thinner, more appealing look and follows a rule of odds.


It’s autumn currently and being able to see the trees stripped down to their bones is almost like watching skeletons overlooking my house. The leaves cover the ground and the changing weather starts to turn colder.

The Elements

This is a picture of the water running in my sink. I set the shutter speed to a high speed and took a picture of the water as it was coming out of the tap. I felt that this is a good depiction of one of the elements.


I would say that I am very grateful for my opportunity at freestyle. Here is my bag that I received from my film class. It holds my camera, my audio recorder and a variety of lenses that Freestyle has allowed me to use for the creation of many of my projects.

Rule of Thirds Emotion

These are my parents. They are currently happy, at least I hope so. They both reside on either side of a rule of third which can show that they are happy together and perfectly spaced in the photo. Well at least I hope they are happy together.

Colour Without Colour

I tend to wear Hawaiian shirts a lot and it brings out the colour of my closet. I feel that taking the colour away from the shirts makes everything that much more boring and bland. Somehow I can still see the colour through the desaturation.