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Freestyle Academy · 2021 Podcast By SorenR

About this Podcast

This podcast is running commentary of whether or not lying is okay. We go through a bunch of different scenarios and dig into the morality of the decisions made in each instance while still having some fun.

Podcaster Bio

My name is Soren Robinson and I am a student at Freestyle Academy and Mountain View High School. I do many activities outside of school including basketball and piano. Besides the basic boring answers of what I like to do, I also spend time stacking rocks weirdly, customizing shoes, and running around with my family and neighbors barefoot. I try to get as much as I can out of my free trial that is my childhood by trying cool stuff. Sometimes I get hurt in the process, but doing a podcast is pretty chill, so I wasn’t worried about breaking anything.


I would say that the reason we did the podcast project, besides the fact that it was an assignment, was to improve our communication of ideas vocally. On top of that, it is meant to be entertaining and professional. The podcast is a very democratic medium because anyone can do it, and if you have good ideas and people like listening to you talk then you will succeed. My inspiration for my podcast came from a couple of circumstances where I caught either myself or others lying, and was confused why things happened that way. I didn’t really look into or use any podcasts that deeply influenced my approach, because it was simple enough. I give a scenario and then get people’s opinions.


The biggest idea I value from this project is the ability to have conversations about difficult topics with my friends. I just told them to come over to my house to talk on my podcast for school, so they did. I was able to learn a lot about them and understand their viewpoints in a way I had never so clearly seen before. I definitely plan on doing something like this again because I enjoyed it so much. However, I don’t think I will make a podcast out of it.