About Me

A picture of me and my brother.
Me and my brother!

Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Stella and I’m a film student at Freestyle Academy. Along with film, I’m also taking English and Digital Media. I’ve always been interested in creative media like film, art, music, and design so I was very excited about the opportunity to take classes at Freestyle. So far, I think Freestyle has been a great opportunity to meet new people with similar and different interests.

Scene from Sing Street

Outside of Freestyle, I like to play guitar, listen to music, and watch movies. Some of my favorite films are Sing Street, Back to the Future, and Good Will Hunting. My favorite band is The Cure and I’ve recently gotten into some modern surf rock/surf punk music. I love seeing how people express themselves through different forms of media and I’m looking forward to learning about myself and expressing myself through Freestyle!

Over the course of Junior year, I’ve learned new programs I had never even heard of before. On top of this, I learned the importance of collaboration and putting pride into my work. This year has been hard, but everything I’ve gotten out of this year has made it worth it.