About Me

Tanner Thompson,
professional daydreamer

I’m Tanner Thompson. I love making people laugh, usually with really bad jokes, so you can imagine my restraint to keep this paragraph serious and not add any. I follow dad joke rules- the more people I can make groan with something I say, the better. Oh, and uh, I guess make them laugh, too.

Everything Freestyle does I’ve seen other people make online and wished I had the resources and experience to do the same. For years I’ve made ideas and worlds in my head that I wish I could just psychically project onto a screen so anyone could watch and understand, instead of me stumbling and stuttering through an explanation for 30 minutes. Sci-fi and fantasy have always pulled me in because of how possible it makes the impossible. In my free time I like to do theatre and spend time with my friends. It doesn’t matter if we have the most intense round of a board game ever or if we’re all just on our phones in the same room, everything I do becomes ten times better when I do it with friends.

So far, Freestyle’s had a rocky start for me. Mainly due to how I’m starting it in the middle of a pandemic and quarantine. But I’m hopeful, and excited for everything I’ll make once things smooth out.