Picture of me with a monkey on my shoulder.

If you have stumbled on this website, congratulations! I’m now going to tell you a few things about me! My name is Victoria but I go by Tori. Is there a solid reason? No!

I’ve always been told that I’m creative and I take pride in that, and it makes sense since I surround myself in all things artistic/things I can put my creativeness to the test. Which is the main reason why I joined Freestyle. Here I picked the Film department because I feel that in film you are able to use any type of medium being a drawing, music, visuals, etc. Other than mediums, I also really joined film because your able to show your story, rather than tell it. I hope to explore more of what I’m into here as a student at Freestyle, and I also hope to break my mindset of “I can’t do that” just because I’m not good at it.

With the mention of music and drawing, I especially surround myself with those two hobbies/subjects. I’m an avid doodler, and constantly have music playing or am playing an instrument. Along with that, I’m also constantly daydreaming which can be a good an bad thing. Good because I can explore my creativity, and bad because it’s a bit too often. Basically anything I can express myself through because I really value honesty. Oh, and humor too, humor is great. Although I am always surrounded by art and want to be surrounded by art in the future, I still have this background though of being in the STEM field. I can’t single out what I enjoy most, but science seems to peak my interest a little more than the others. Other than that I hope to finally be able to single out what I want to do in the coming years.

Junior Year

After completing a whole year of Freestyle, I can truly say that I made the right choice to opt in. I have learned so much in just 9 or so months stuck inside because of the pandemic. Going into freestyle I didn’t really know what to expect but to just learn a lot of artistic mediums, and I was right! It definitely was a lot of learning/mistakes and I struggled a bit here and there with keeping up, but really that’s what I enjoyed. I loved how there was always something to do and that there was always something new. Having learned so many things, feedback was also a factor in it to. I’ve really grown to take in constructive feedback thorugh many projects like the Chase Scene in Film and or bigger projects in Film. I know next year is definitely going to be harder as I think I’m/we’re given more freedom (ie. Zenith Project) but I think I can prepare myself for what comes. Here’s for Senior Year!