This unit was a hodgepodge, going deeper into a lot of new applications through different exercises. The "reflections" aspect mainly came through in the Listener Lyric, in which we discovered another person's perspective and wrote from their point of view.

We began the reflections unit by reflecting on our own views. I created a perspective video in After Effects that described my view to the world. Click here to watch my reflections video.

The listener lyric was an assignment that allowed us to interview someone from a group that we don't belong to and create a piece of writing from their perspective. Then, in Design, we took a photo with a telephoto lens to be displayed as a diptych alongside a passage from the essay. I chose to interview a person with ADHD, and write about what her experience is like.

To read my listener lyric essay, click here

In Design, we explored digital art, something that I love to do. We chose an animal that we wished to capture in unrealistic, psychedelic colors. I created this digital painting of a chameleon in Photoshop.

In design, I printed an image that I took and cut out pieces with a razor blade. I rearranged and glued the pieces back on the photograph for an interesting abstract effect. Then, in Digital Media, I created a 3D digital version of this transformation in After Effects.