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Skyscrapers: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Alanna Rice (2011)

My photo narrative is about a girl who has had Organizational Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ever since she was very young. Even in grade school everything in her life was very organized, neat, and color coded. As she grew up, her organizational skills only became more tedious and more anal. As an adult, she gets engaged to be married. Everything in her life seems in tip top shape, until she walks into her fiance's home for the first time, only to find out that he is chronically unorganized: completely against her way of life. She is stunned at the awful sight, and is left with the decision if she should call of the engagement over her boyfriend's cluttered and chaotic organizational skills.

portrayed the girl's early childhood with OCD with her and her friend playing with blocks. Her friend's block tower is a typical tower a child would make, with blocked sprawled out all over the place and a fun, uneven building. The girl's, on the other hand, is nice, neat, and color coded: abnormal from the typical child's block creation, showing her organization at a very young age. It is mainly lit from the right in order to provide emphasis on the blocks. I then portray the pregnant pause of her finding out about her fiance's unorganization with an eerily lit photo of her viewing the mess of her fiance's dining room. It is shot from the ground, in order to see both her reaction and the mess, with a fast shutter speed to capture the reaction of the moment. The visual metaphor I chose were blocks. In the first photo, her life was neat and organized to her liking, shown through her nice and neat block creation. In the second, we see similar blocks spilled out among the fiance's messy dining room, showing that the girl's life is no longer as organized to her liking.
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