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Going for It: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Dahlia Perry (2011)

For my photodiptych I illustrated the story of a boy who got sick as a young kid and then grew up with difficulties sharing food. When he was sick, his mother was quick to tell him that “this is why you should never share food with people.” Her warning coupled with the trauma of being quite ill, instilled a fear of shared food which the young man is forced to face on his wedding day as his wife shoves the cake towards his mouth. There isn't really any turning back at this point because he wants so show his commitment to his wife.

To illustrate the first scene, I took a picture of a boy in the midst of throwing up over a toilet bowl, hunched over the toilet boll in a uncomfortable position that he would like to not have to repeat. In the second picture I took the picture close to the couple with a short F-stop so that the facial features are clearly in focus. We can see the bride's obvious joy at her wedding day contrasted with the dread and disgust as the groom contemplates the prospect of eating food that was in contact with another person's hand. The close up from slightly below makes the ceiling bigger, giving the illusion that they are in a big hall. I also used photo-filters to make the background of the picture lighter and whiter, which evokes the feeling of a wedding and makes the groom's dark hair and suit stand out as the focus.
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