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Cartoons and Burnt Dinner: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Devan Shah (2011)

My narrative diptych portrays a story in which the main character, the little boy in the picture, has an internal conflict, which is his laziness. At the beginning of the story, the boy is sitting on on his computer chair and watching television, while his father comes up to the boy asking him to watch the food that is cooking on the stove while his family is out going to a parent teacher conference. After an hour, the boy is too lazy to get up from watching cartoons, and take the food of the stove, so it burns. The boy is met buy an external conflict when the food burns, and his laziness is not only affecting himself, but also his family. When the food burns, there is a possibility of a fire, which makes the consequences for boy's lazy actions more dire.

In the first picture, I took a picture of a boy with his father standing next to him, while the boy watches a blank and bright television. In order to give the viewer the feeling that the boy has been sitting in the chair for a long time, I set the camera to a slow shutter speed so I could capture the details on the two people's faces, and to get the glare off the television. In the second picture, I took a picture of a kettle with fire coming out of the end of it to portray the destruction of the family's dinner. The fire is symbolic for the destruction that ensues if the boy will still not get up after the food burns, leading to the burning of the pans and food themselves.
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