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Jagged Jade: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Elizabeth Sarinas (2011)

Jade was from a foreign country and so was her parents. She was taught from an early age that it was best to look at the negative parts of life to learn from her mistakes. As she grew older, Jade became so obsessive that her negativity consumed her. She realized that it is not a healthy way to live her life, so tried to burn her past and negative thoughts away. However, she is reluctant to leave her past behind. The “pregnant pause” in my story is her decision to either burn her past completely or going back to her old bad habit.

In the first photo, Jade's hand is consumed by the post-it notes written with various manifestations. The ink stained her hands, representing how long she spent thinking negatively. I purposely made her hand smaller in this picture to show how negativity fills the space as well as her mind. I desaturated the whole photo to show how Jade's life has no color. In the second photo, she tries to burn her past and negative thoughts. The dark empty space helps to emphasize the importance of the fire. The fire is a symbol for erasing memories. I added more saturation into the photo because her life starts to bring in color and happiness.
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