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Broken Glass: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Emily Schneider (2011)

My first photo in this diptych introduces my character's internal conflict as having an extremely low self esteem. So much so that I portrayed her emotion with a broken mirror lying on the asphalt as though thrown there in desperation. The red leaves are scattered on this broken mirror to convey this strong deep emotion of need (a need to be somebody else). The figure in the mirror is blurred to portray that she can't see herself so neither can you.

The second picture you can clearly see the character in the mirror as she cautiously takes of her mask. On one side of this picture are cool blue colors while on the other side is a warm like to create a sense of tension. The reflection in the mirror is desaturated and portrays that life and you will never be perfect - there are always flaws that you can either embrace or fight. the point of no return in this picture is the action of taking off her mask in front of her peers - who in my experience are the people who reflect your biggest flaws and greatest accomplishments more so than any mirror. Obviously this picture is purely metaphoric situation where the mirror represents her friends. Once you show your true self and open up to the people around you - you can't take that back.
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